Family Clean Up Day

Spring Cleaning is not just for your home. Help make Camp Centerland the most beautiful camp possible. We have arranged an all camp cleanup day and we need your help. Camp Centerland is fortunate to have a dedicated and committed group of volunteers who are continually improving our facility for the campers and members of our JCC.

During the clean up we will be:

  • Planing trees

  • Raking leaves and picking up sticks

  • Spreading mulch

  • Picking up trash

  • Cleaning and setting up spaces with picnic tables

Our group will meet Sunday, May 12 from 11:00 AM-3:00 PM.



Please contact Michael Garcia to sign up your family.

(716) 817.0177


Fly Chai Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser

In Hebrew “CHAI” means “LIFE”. Here at Camp Centerland, we believe that camp is one of the most sacred experiences that a young child can have. At camp, children experience free expression of who they are and explore ways to develop and grow. As Camp Centerland starts to grow we look to help more and more campers each year. We know camp changed our life and our goal is to pass that along to all of our campers.

Our second annual Fly Chai fundraiser will help develop the camp property by adding WOW features to the campus. We will also proceed from the revenue to support our Campership fund. This fund allows us to support children who cannot afford camp but need that life breathed into them. In 2018 we are supporting our community by giving out over $20,000 in fee assistance.

In Judaism, the “Chai” is numerically significant and the number 18 is symbolic of this word. That is why we will be selling Golf Balls for $18 per ball. Our golf ball drop will be on August 17, 2018. Mercy Flight service has volunteered to drop these 1,000 golf balls. The prize of $1,800 will be awarded to the golf ball that lands in the hole. If more than one ball lands in the hole the prize money will be split between all of the winners. If no ball lands in the hole then the ball closes to the hole will win. If there is more than one ball at the same distance the prize money will be split between the winners.

All of the fundraising for the Fly Chai Golf Ball Drop will go to a new shade cover for the Rein Family Amphitheater. This allows our Theater program as well as a large meeting space for the campers.

Thank you for your support of Camp Centerland and best of luck! Golf Balls can be purchased online from or by calling the JCC at 716-688-4033


Special Events of Camp

Family Night - parents are required to attend with their camper

Families can look forward to joining their campers at Camp Centerland for a cookout, fun camp activities, and a special way to commemorate the summer! See camp through the eyes of your camper, meet the Centerland staff, and meet other Camp Centerland families. Check our calendar for the date of this summer's Family Night!

Stay Lates - Junior camp Sharon & Negev

It can be special being at camp late. Junior Camp gets to have dinner and special activities on camp property after hours. Parents must come to camp to pick up at 7:00 PM. See the dates for your group’s Stay Late on our calendar page.

Overnight - Senior Camp Yehuda & Atid

The Overnight experiences are open to all Senior (grades 3 and up) campers! You do not need to be enrolled for the week of the experience to participate. Overnights at Camp Centerland are special, camper-group only, theme nights with games, swimming, activities, a cook-out dinner, and a (hopefully) sleep filled camp-out on the grounds. See the dates for your groups overnights on our calendar page.

Maccabi Games (Color games) - All Camp - Week 4 7/15-7/19

This activity happening during the camp day is a week long challenge. The camp is split into teams that compete against each other in sport events, relay race (The Apache), cheers, and much more. It's a camper and staff favorite. On Friday we will award the Maccabi Cup to our team that wins overall. This week of camp fills up the fastest so don’t miss out.