What’s New for 2019?

Annually Camp is reviewed to see how we can make updates to improve your child’s experiences. Below we have highlighted the top three things that are different from 2018.


Moving spaces

Camp Centerland is a 19 acre parcel of land. That means there is a LOT of walking for our campers. We made some moves of items around camp to keep us more consolidated.

The camp office the junior camp lunch tent is being moved to the camp property. This moves the campers away from the road.

All activities will be on camp property except swim and extended care. This will reduce the amount of walking for everyone. You can check out our new camp map on our website and of course set up a tour whenever you want.


Time changes

Carpool or parent drop off is available at both locations. Camp Centerland (2640 N. Forest Rd. Getzville)& Holland Family Building (787 Delaware Ave. Buffalo).

We have NEW TIMES so be aware:

For Camp Centerland the drop off time for carpool starts at 8:45 AM and should run about 15 minutes. Pick up at camp 4:30 PM (this is a new time)

For the Holland building the bus leaves at 8:20 AM (this is a new time). The pick up at the Holland building will be at 5:00 PM (this is a new time).

Our camp mods (Periods) in the past have been 30 minutes long. In 2019 we will be moving them to 45 minutes. This is the main reason for the change in camp times.