Lunch at Camp

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Purchase lunch

Lunch is available to be purchased through Buffalo Kosher Gourmet at the Myers Family Tel Aviv Café in the Benderson Family Building.

All lunches served will be Kosher and supervised by the Vaad.

Lunch will be delivered to your child daily. Lunch will be sold for the week and not sold on a daily basis.

To order email:

You may contact the café for more information (716) 688-4114 ext 319.

Menu - Will be updated May annually

  • Monday: Mac'n cheese, Steamed broccoli. Fruit

  • Tuesday: Choice of Cream cheese or tuna bagel, Fresh cut veggies, Sliced fruit

  • Wednesday: "Chicken" nuggets or fish sticks, Fries, Corn, Fruit

  • Thursday: Choice of cheese or wow butter and jelly sandwiches, Fresh cut veggies, Fresh fruit

  • Friday: Pizza, Israeli salad, Fruit


Lunch From home

Campers can bring lunch from home. Lunches will be stored in the refrigerator after campers arrive in the morning. Please make sure that all lunch bags are labeled with your campers first and last name.

Camp Centerland request no shellfish be served on property.

Camp Centerland allows peanut butter products. Please understand that if your child has peanut products they me be required to sit at a nut table. Campers and staff at this table will be required to wash and dry hand after every meal.

If your camper forgets lunch parents will be required to bring it before lunch mod. If a parent cannot bring lunch then the child will be provided a lunch at a cost of $10.

Camp will also provide one daily afternoon snack. 

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Camp CENTERLAND'S Kosher Policy

Camp Centerland’s Kosher Standards for our program are:

  • Camp Centerland will not require Kosher standards for food that is brought into camp by campers and staff.

  • Off camp purchases (field trips) by campers and staff will not be required to be Kosher.

  • When Camp Centerland provides food it will be Kosher. Meat and dairy will not be mixed.

  • All food items Camp Centerland serves will have one of the symbols above.

  • Camp Centerland will wait a minimum of three hours between serving meat and dairy items.

  • Camp Centerland requests that no shellfish be served on property.

If there are additional standards specifically for your child/family please contact the Camp Director.