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Special Days

Special Activities

Special Days


At Camp Centerland, we welcome the opportunity to celebrate your child's special day. A celebration will be organized with special birthday treat to be shared for your child's group!


Every Friday, we celebrate Shabbat as a whole camp. Area Rabbis and Cantors visit Camp Centerland to help us start our celebration with stories and lessons. Each Shabbat includes songs, performances, and a special feeling of togetherness!

Special Days

Maccabia/Color War

The camp is split into teams that compete against each other in sport events, relay race (The Apache), cheers, and much more. It's a camper and staff favorite. Here are some highlights from Color War!


 Family Night 

Families can look forward to joining their campers at Camp Centerland for a cookout, fun camp activities, and a special way to commemorate the summer! See camp through the eyes of your camper, meet the Centerland staff, and meet other Camp Centerland families. Check our calendar for the date of this summer's Family Night!



Overnights at Camp Centerland

Overnight Experiences:

The Overnight experiences are open to all Senior (grades 3 and up) campers! You do not need to be enrolled for the week of the experience to participate. Overnights at Camp Centerland are special, camper-group only, theme nights with games, swimming, activities, a cook-out dinner, and a (hopefully) sleep filled camp-out on the grounds. See the dates for your groups overnights on our calendar.

5th and 6th Grade O.F.F. (Overnight, Field Trip & Fun):

Aid groups will get a little something extra: "O.F.F." weeks at camps -
Field Trip
Campers will go on an exciting local field trip, then come back to camp and spend the night camping out. Campers won't want to miss the OFF weeks at Camp Centerland! There is also one "OFF"-site overnight for the Atid groups. Check our calendar for the dates this summer of O.F.F. days.