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Welcome, Parents!


Camp Centerland has a rich tradition dating back to 1955. We feel it is important for each child to experience the joys of summer camping. If you choose to send your child(ren) to Camp Centerland, they will step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary!

Please take the time to read what Centerland has to offer your family. With an amazing facility, a caring staff, and top of the line programming, we feel your child will walk away from camp with a strong sense of self, community, Jewish values, and friendship.

A typical day at Camp Centerland is filled with fun and friendship. Your child will participate in many outdoor activities, including Teva (Nature), Shirah (Music), Amanut (Arts & Crafts), Sports, Swimming, Ropes Course, Chugim (Hobby Groups), Archery, and much more!

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Summer 2017 Themes

Summer 2017 is Amazing Inside & Out! Campers and counselors will have fun creating lasting memories as part of everything they do at Camp Centerland with these weekly themes and activities.  Here are the variety of celebrations we will be sharing with campers in 2017:

Week 1 (July 3-7): The Island of Friendship (Chaverut)!  In this first week of Camp Centerland, Campers will get a chance to learn to the Jewish values of friendship. Here we learn that friendship is the greatest treasure!

Week 2 (July 10-14): The Island of Honesty (Emet)! In the second week of Camp Centerland, campers will learn about honesty. Campers will engage in a week long “Clue”-like game and learn there is no mystery to truth and honesty!

Week 3 (July 17-21): The Island of Spirit (Ruach)! Campers show the Jewish value of Spirit, inside and out! Each day, a camper celebrates a fun theme to show off their Centerland Ruach!

Week 4 (July 24-28): The Island of Sportsmanship (Seporetivit)! Campers learn and grow with the Jewish theme of sportsmanship. This week returns the much anticipated Maccabi Games (The Color War)! Here campers show their true colors!

Week 5 (July 31-Aug 4):  The Island of Community (Kehillah)! With each Island, Campers build who they are in the world around them. The Jewish Value of Community is this week and Campers get a one way ticket to adventure!

Week 6 (Aug 7 - 11): The Island of Compassion (Rochamim)! Campers this week explore how good work comes from the heart.  Campers learn that they are only limited by their imagination!

Week 7: The Island of Family (Mishpachah)! Campers have come in as friends, and are leaving as Centerland Family! This week, we celebrate all the special islands that make the Centerland Family amazing, inside and out!