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Frequently Asked Questions

Camp Centerland FAQ’s

Questions About the Camp Operations

1. What are the hours of operation?

Camp Centerland begins at 9:30 am and ends at 4:00 pm. We also offer extended care with drop off as early as 7:30 am, or pick up as late as 6:00 pm.

2. I don’t need extended care every day, can I still sign up?

Yes. Camp Centerland offers flexible extended care options to meet all families’ needs. You can register for unlimited Extended Care for an additional $50/week, which provides child care coverage from 7:30 am – 6:00 pm. If you only need to use the Extended Care part of the time, parents may also pay at the rate of $5 per half-hour of care as needed.

Pay-As-You-Go Extended Care Fees (per child, per day)
0-30 minutes: $5
31-60 minutes: $10
61-90 minutes: $15
91-120 minutes: $20

3. Is the camp currently licensed?

Yes, Camp Centerland is licensed through the NYS Department of Health.

4. Are lunches provided by the camp?

This summer there are two options for lunch:

1. Campers can bring lunch from home. Lunches will be stored in the cooler after campers arrive in the morning. Please make sure that all lunch bags are labeled with your campers first and last name.

2.  Lunches are also going available for pre-purchase at an additional fee. Camp Centerland is partnering with Riva's Catering to provide healthy prepared lunches that will be delivered fresh daily. All lunches will be dairy or vegetarian.

Camp will also provide one daily afternoon snack. 

5. What time does the bus leave in the morning?

The Holland Express departs at 9:00 am every morning. The bus will not wait! If you are going to miss the bus, you may contact Camp Centerland to make arrangements to drop off your child directly at Camp Centerland.

The bus returns at 4:30 pm every afternoon.

6. What if we need to drop our child off late or pick up early?

During the camp season, if you bring your child late or make arrangements to pick up early, you must stop in at the Camp Office to sign your child in or out. Please park in the JCC parking lot and walk over to the Camp Office. Please provide advance notice of either a late arrival or early release (ideally we would want your child ready and waiting for you if you were coming early).


Questions About the Camp Centerland Experience

1. What is the camp’s daily schedule like?

Every day at Camp Centerland includes lots of outdoor activities, daily swimming, a kosher lunch offering, and plenty of amazing experiences!

Please visit our pageCamp Activitiesto see a sample schedule and learn more about the activities offered at Camp Centerland each week.

2. How are children grouped?

All campers are grouped according to their advancing grade in the fall. Group size is typically around 12 children per group, with 2-3 counselors supervising each group. Visit our Camp Choices page for more information.

3. Can siblings interact with each other during the day?

We have many times when we provide our campers with choice times, hold camp-wide events and activities, and get a chance to visit with campers that are assigned to other groups. Siblings will very likely see each other throughout the week, but also have the opportunity to make new friends in their assigned group.

4. How does the camp handle injuries and illnesses?

Camp Centerland has an on-site Camp Nurse in the infirmary that is available during camp hours to address all injuries and illnesses.

5. What should my camper bring to Camp each day?

Campers should WEAR sneakers or sturdy shoes (no sandals), hats for hot days, light jacket for chilly days, raincoat or boots for rainy days, and a camp t-shirt on Fridays and for field trips, and campers should always arrive with sunscreen already applied. Please PACK in a clearly labeled BACKPACK daily: a bathing suit and towel clearly labeled for quick lost identification, extra underwear, extra shoes on rainy days, and a plastic shopping bag to store wet items.

6. What should I pack for an overnight?

We recommend campers bring the following for overnights (Label EVERYTHING!!!)

  • Sleeping bag & Pillow                  
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Hair Brush
  • 2 swimsuits and 2 towels (In 2 separate bags)
  • Two (2) days’ worth of clothes
  •  Bug spray/ Flashlight if your child wants

7. When will I receive notice of what group my child is in?

All Campers can find out their group at the Camp Centerland Open House in June prior to the start of Camp. Also at the Open House, campers can meet their counselors, take their swimming test, get their Camp Centerland t-shirt, take a tour of the campgrounds, and have all their questions answered by the experts!

8. My camper's group will be taking a field trip/extended trip during the week they are registered, but they don't want to go. Can he/she stay behind at Camp instead?

During scheduled Camp Trips, such as the Atid O.F.F. trips and Discovery local field trips and extended trips, we expect that all participants attending camp in those groups will be participating in the trip. We are unable to provide additional supervision at Camp for campers that wish to stay behind. 

Questions About Registration and Payments

1. What is the refund policy if I need to cancel my registration?

Prior to April 1st all camp fees and deposits are refundable. From April 1st - June 1st, fees are refundable but camp will retain the deposit. After June 1st, all fees including the deposit are non-refundable.

2. When are payments due?

All payments are due in full by June 1st.


Questions About Staff

1. What is the ratio between staff to campers?

Our minimum ratios are 1:8. Groups are assigned 2-3 counselors for supervision.

2. What are the staff qualifications?

All applicants are required to complete the JCC Day Camp Application and background check policy and release statement. All potential staff, including returning staff, are scheduled for individual interviews where previous experience with children, discipline, appropriate and professional interactions, group management techniques, and creative planning are discussed. Camp Centerland performs, when able, thorough background checks and three (3) reference checks for each candidate. Each candidate also must clear the Statewide Central Register Database, NYS Sex Offender Registry Database, and the background check performed by the JCC with Intellicorp.